Robin speed dating

Robin speed dating

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Cartoons Teen Titans. Um, look at the name of the story. Cute, nonsexual fluff based on your favorite teenage superheros. Read and Review please and thank you Here’s a little oneshot on Teen Titans. I love the show, the mixing of anime and American is just awesome, and let no one tell me otherwise. Enjoy the story, and remember the right time to talk about shovels Let’s go Cy.

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Even professionals make mistakes in their writing. The more you write, the better you become! He knows that the portals are unpredictable. Imagine his surprise when it took him half way across the country, thankfully in his own time. He recognizes this city, and a childish sort of giddiness overtakes him.

This story is to the fans of Teen Titans, who want Starfire and Robin to be in a relationship. Through Teen Titans FanFic (15years later) by PandaDoll #​

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Love is in the tower! Focus: Cartoons Teen Titans, Since: Jackalobe R. Logan Riles Summer’s Sun Vandagirl the very beginning. Robin Starfire shippers only! Terra, Speedy, and Aqualad bashing accepted! Tired of all that RobinRaven stuff?

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Writer’s Note:This takes place shortly after the episode “Winner takes all”. Here, Robin was impressed by Speedy’s skills and wished to have him over to meet the other Titans and to train with him. So let’s begin.

Robin stood with his mouth gapped open. Starfire put her other hand to her cheek, blushing slightly. “F-friend Speedy, what brings you to our.

Hey everyone, this is my first fanfiction on here. Robin and Starfire are my favourite pairing ever. Tell me if you hate it or love it, it doesn’t matter. Disclaimer: I do not own Teen titans, Robin, Starfire, or anything else potrayed in this story. Robin woke up to the sweet sound of birds outside his window; the day was sunny and full of life. He exited his room and immediately caught the sound of the other titans in the main room. Beast boy and Cyborg were making breakfast, Raven sat in the air reading her latest book, and Starfire was watching the TV on the couch.

Robin walked into the room and smirked, “Good morning, everyone! Starfire immediately got up and flew toward him, “Good morning Robin! She proceeded to kiss him on the cheek, causing him to blush slightly. The happy couple had finally come to terms with their feelings for each other in Tokyo; they had been dating ever since. The titans gathered around the table with empty stomachs, Robin and Starfire sat next to each other, followed by Beast boy, Raven, and Cyborg.

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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Focus: Cartoons Teen Titans, Since: This is too all those Robin and Starfire fans out there, only RobStar unless any other couple are apart of the story but RobStar main couple. All the best RobStar stories are here all categories.

So he actually told her before they started dating. Starfire would love Babs. If we’​re going with the interpretation of Silver Age older Babs, Starfire.

If there was something Robin was good at, it was sports, especially gymnastics. He was also good at doing tricks he could find coins behind ears. Oh, and how could anyone forget his uncanny ability to sneak up on people? He’d never been a good flirter either, but he was definitely good than his leader. Robin was the lamest when it came to Starfire, and it was that he wasn’t very subtle with his crush, either—every time he was near her, he started acting clumsy, though Cyborg had come to guess that Robin thought he was being all suave and cool.

Which was lame too. Once Cyborg entered his room to ask him about the H. Who wrote a book about dating someone? He wasn’t even dating her. Cyborg didn’t know anything else about this guide, but he was definitely curious—what would he do?

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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Starfire and Robin. Focus: Cartoons Teen Titans, Since: Koriand’r Grayson. Captivated by Princess Starfire of Tamaran reviews It was a game of pretend

After falling hard for Raven, Robin and Starfire broke up. Robin and Raven started dating, and it became clear that she was quite possibly the love of his life.

The atmosphere in the tower was…strange. Something wasn’t quite right but no one was exactly sure what it was. At least, that’s how Robin, Starfire, and Cyborg felt. It seemed like any other Saturday and yet they could feel that something was off. But they couldn’t put their fingers on it. This made Robin a little more anxious than usual, suspecting that there may be a big criminal act in the making, so he was on constant alert.

Cyborg and Starfire didn’t feel that this was the case but agreed that there was definitely something going on. No storms on the horizon or anything. So why the heck does it feel like something’s…off? Whatever you two are gonna do I’m chaperoning to keep you out of mischief.

Robin and starfire dating fanfiction

It had been exactly one year since that fateful night in Tokyo. The night that the Titans defeated an unexpected villain, Ueahara Daizo, in Japan’s capital. What everyone remembered most, however was that it was also the night Robin and Starfire finally shared their first real kiss. No one was more aware of that fact than Starfire herself.

Rated: Fiction T – English – Romance/Humor – Robin, Starfire – Chapters: 2 – Words: A Robin and Starfire Fan-Fiction Chapter One: The Letter.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Sort: Category. Princes and Frogs by samuraigurl reviews Life’s hard enough for Kori Anders- navigating high school, trying to pass English, not to mention harboring a secret crush on her best friend’s older brother, the dreamy Richard Grayson. Oh yeah, and she just found out she’s the princess of a small European country called Tameran.

What’s a girl to do? RobStar side of BBRae. The Titans are regular kids at high school. When they all get detention the same night, something strange is bound to happen. But one stormy night may prove that ‘something’ is more than anyone could imagine. Captives by Starfiire reviews The lives of the Teen Titans aren’t perfect, but they seem to be getting along well until Slade, Red X, and a mysterious person from Robin’s past all seem to be related.

Ive read some fanfic about them and its so cute. Texas law, a person commits the positive for. The real reason he im 23 dating a 39 year old to use it was bar rouge dating take Starfire out on robin and starfire dating fanfiction date. Clark Kent finally finds a woman. Oct 10,

Overall, a nobody compared to Koriand’r, AKA Starfire, Princess of Tamaran, After a fight, Starfire decides to try out speed dating but Robin’s not about to let go​.

Starfire hums the sweet tune she heard around the square as she walks to the Titan Tower. Her serenity is not long lasted as her happy night vanishes. It is too late at night for you to be coming in! Starfire glances around confused. I was in the square shopping for clothes and the pet store had the cutest of dogs that I just had to play with Robin! Robin shakes his head. She squeals happily that she is not in trouble and darts upstairs to her bedroom with her bags. Robin follows up the stairs hoping for a good night’s rest.

The next morning the kitchen was alive with the smell of pancakes and coffee. Beast Boy and Cyborg scream at Robin to make pancakes faster as Raven sips slowly on her third cup of coffee. Starfire flies into the kitchen searching for an empty seat, seeing as to no avail, she sits in Raven’s lap happily taking her coffee.

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